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EE Revival in Burundi, Africa posted by jwatson on May 01, 2013

In this photo, kids display graduation certificates upon completion of their Hope for Kids Gospel training in Ghana. EE grows the Gospel in Africa.

Burundi is a small, poverty-stricken African country sandwiched between Tanzania on the east and Congo DRC on the west. Government corruption, civil unrest and political instability are a way of life.

Yet grace is on the ground and running through 506 EE-trained EE Implementation Field Workers (IFWs) in Burundi, Africa.

The EE Harvest Campaign put those IFWs into action, gathering with their churches and sharing the Gospel message in surrounding communities.

The results were beyond expectation:

  • 50,036 people heard the Gospel
  • 19,731 made professions of faith in Christ
  • 18 Muslims and 35 witch doctors were among those professing faith

God continues to use the EE ministry and your faithful support to accomplish amazing results for His kingdom. Find out how you help share Christ around the world through prayerful support: visit:

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