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Ends of the Earth posted by John Sorensen on Dec 07, 2020


Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven? Why? You know, the Lord can use many things to get someone’s attention and bring them to saving faith in Him. It could be a friend or family member who witnesses to you…or…it could be prophecy fulfilled. Jesus fulfilled every prophecy regarding the Messiah. He didn’t just randomly come to earth – He had a plan. All throughout the Old Testament, prophecies are made pointing to a Savior – pointing straight to Jesus. Isaiah forty nine verse six says that the salvation of the Lord will reach the ends of the earth, and because of Jesus’ promise in Acts one verse eight, we know He is the fulfillment of that prophecy. Only Jesus has the power throughout the generations and the earth to make an eternal difference. So, who are you telling about the Messiah? If you aren’t sure where to start, visit ShareLife.Today for tips and resources to help you witness and grow in your faith. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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