Oct 16

Equip America posted by John Sorensen on Oct 16, 2019


“God has a plan, we just need to get involved in His plan.” That’s what Susan said when we asked her about EE’s Equip America. She and her husband Jeff travel all over the United States training people like you and me to effectively share the Gospel – all in one Saturday! She’ll tell you there’s no shortage of stories to tell of God’s faithfulness. So, do you know how to share the Gospel? If you don’t, learn how! You can be a mighty force for God if you will allow Him to work through you. Visit ShareLife.Today to find out when Equip America will come to a city near you. Take it from Susan, God can and will accomplish His purpose despite any obstacle you may face. So, lock arms with the Lord and with His people and spread His good Gospel! Invest your Saturday into someone’s eternity. If you need tools resources and tools to help you share the Gospel, visit ShareLife.Today. That’s ShareLife.Today

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