Oct 17

Equip America posted by John Sorensen on Oct 17, 2019


‘Now he knows that he knows that he knows!’ that’s what a believer who shared his faith with someone, and led them to Christ said, after an Equip America event. Do YOU have that confidence in your faith? Do you know that you’ll spend eternity in Heaven with God? If you do, do you know how to share that Good News with someone else? If you don’t know how to share the Gospel or you’re not a confident witness, EE has a special training event with you in mind. Equip America allows believers to be trained to share their faith in the morning, and then use what they’ve just learned in the afternoon. You’ll have a trainer who can help you share the Gospel and give you the confidence to tell others about the love of Jesus. Visit ShareLife.Today to find out when Equip America will come to a city near you.  Invest your Saturday into someone’s eternity. If you would like resources and tools to help you make a Kingdom impact, visit ShareLife.Today.

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