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Equip and Multiply the Work of EE Around the World posted by John Sorensen on Oct 30, 2015


You’d be amazed by what is taking place all this month in Cuba. And what your generosity is doing on this island nation of more than 11 million people.

As you read this letter, the first-ever EE field worker training is underway. It’s an intense and focused time in which I and other EE leaders pour into the lives of these committed believers from morning to night.

The challenges are glaring. When these field workers go out for OJT—on-the-job training—they don’t hop in cars, a rare find with just 60,000 vehicles on the island. Instead, they jump on bicycles or ox-driven carts . . . or go by foot.

But because of you, this select group of more than 20 people from 16 provinces across Cuba are receiving extensive training, coaching, and practical skills. Your support enables them to be more effective in reaching pastors, communities, and churches. And to bring even more men, women, and children to Jesus.

Cuba, an already active and organized EE ministry in Latin America, can now take outreach to the next level.

But here’s the thing.

The average pastor’s salary in Cuba is $25 per month. These wonderful field workers simply can’t afford the full cost of tuition, transportation, lodging, meals, or materials. But they do what they can to offset their expenses by bringing the only resources they have, such as a bag of rice to help cover some of the meals during the training.

Your gifts make up the difference . . .
just as they do in other parts of the world.

am continually amazed by the relentless faith of men and women in Cuba and around the world whom God has brought to EE—people answering God’s call to go, regardless of the cost.

They’re willing to go . . . but they need you to send them.

That is why I ask you to give a generous gift this month to equip and multiply the work of EE in Cuba and around the world.

When you give, you’ll invest in the lives of bold believers like one I met in Barbados years ago during an EE training event. She said to me,

“How can I remain silent? I’ve been given this free gift of eternal life in Jesus.
All of my sin, my failure, my mess washed away by His blood.
How can I now keep this to myself?”

Your gift now enables committed followers of Jesus like her to bring EE and the gift of eternal life to more and more people across the globe.

Again, they’re willing to go . . . but they can’t go it alone. They need you to send them.

Will you do that today with a generous gift?

People around the world are desperate for hope. Billions of people still need to hear the greatest news of all! Your gifts send the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world.

Please help our faithful workers reach them through your prayers and gifts. Thank you for your generosity and your love for others who need Jesus.

Yours in His Service,


John B. Sorensen, D.D.

P.S. Your gift now equips committed EE field workers in Cuba and nearly every nation on earth. And the result will be more men, women, and children who love and serve Jesus—and share Him with others. Please give today!


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