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Equipping The Saints – Part 2 posted by Yuen Woh Voon on Nov 07, 2011

In Part One of this two part series on equipping God’s people we looked at the call of Equipping and how it comes from a heart of service. In this post we want to, “give feet to the call”, so to speak. This is how EE practically goes about training God’s people to do His work.

How It Works

The way to equip the saints is through training. On-the-job training is best. This is the way Jesus trained His disciples. After some basic foundational learning, the believer should be mentored in some work of service. He should learn to carry out the assigned tasks well during the course of his training. He would be learning faithfulness (in his duties) and excellence amongst other character traits.

The pastor first demonstrates how to do an elementary step and then he lets his disciple try it. When he has mastered that step, the pastor will teach a more difficult step. Step-by-step, the disciple learns incrementally. Subsequently the pastor steps back and observes the disciple at work. The pastor will then evaluate the work of the disciple and discuss with him areas for improvement. This evaluation is repeated at each step until the disciple is confident to carry out the work without any further supervision. The believer moves on from one work of service to another, each time taking on more responsibility and each time, being transformed more and more into the servant his Lord Jesus has modeled for him.


The first benefit of equipping the saints is that more gets done. Two pairs of hands are better than one pair. As the church body grows numerically, the number of outside networks increases. If these believers are equipped to share their faith, to minister into this network, more people will be touched with the gospel.

Secondly, disciples are made. Equipping God’s people benefit the local church as more people can get involved in service which is always good for succession planning. We will also have more people to pioneer new churches and fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission.

Finally, when pastors equip their people, he will help them to receive eternal rewards. People do not accidentally hear from the Lord on judgment day, “Well done!” This only comes with a conscious and determined effort to be equipped to serve and to serve faithfully.

Pastors, go equip your people and many will arise and call you blessed.

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