Feb 14

Escape the Ordinary posted by John Sorensen on Feb 14, 2020


“Escape the ordinary!” Maybe you have heard that phrase a time or two. Usually, I hear that phrase in a travel agency commercial or for an outdoor retailer. Now, as Christians, we don’t need to “escape the ordinary” because we get to “live the extraordinary, every single day.” But what if we could get time away from our daily routines and experience life in a different country or culture? For young people, time spent abroad often proves to be life-changing, and internships are a great way to experience a new country and culture. Madelyn was a recent high school grad when she felt God telling her to go to Fiji for Changemakers. She said she was excited before the internship, but had no idea just how much it would change her life! Our EE Changemakers internship program seeks to ground young people in their faith while exposing them to global ministry life. You see, we want to see this next generation raised up to become change-makers for Jesus Christ. For more information visit

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