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Europe and the Gospel posted by John Sorensen on Jul 26, 2021


Through the months of June and July, we have heard stories from North America, Latin America, Eurasia, Africa, Asia, and Oceania… and for this final week, we will be listening to testimonies from Europe. These past few years, there has been a revival of interest in the Gospel especially among young people in Europe. While they have their own set of challenges being in a post-modern culture, what we have seen is a real, rising interest in who Jesus is and what He has done. For instance, in Espoo (‘es-po), Finland’s second largest city, they had an “Equip Finland” event this past March, where eight of the biggest churches in that city were involved. And for that weekend, many Christians were trained on how they could share their faith, and then they did it— mostly through online means! They saw person after person come to know Christ over that weekend. The pastors were so excited that they followed up the next day with Toni, the director of EE Finland, to continue discipling their churches. Hear more at share life dot today.

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