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EV2 posted by jwatson on Oct 21, 2009

We are so excited about the new 7-week Adult EE Ministry called "Everyday Evangelism" or "EV2"! We are conducting an EV2 Launch in Birmingham, Alabama this week and those attending have expressed lots of excitement for the training.Here is an update from a key EE Church in Smithtown, New York:

The Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle clinic has long been an “EE Tradition” on Long Island. Ed Lewis, launch administrator, was asked earlier this spring if he would consider replacing the Classic “clinic” which was scheduled for August 10, 11 and 12 with an EV2 Launch. After checking with Pastor Rich Collingridge, they both were very excited to be the first EV2 launch on the east coast. It was no surprise that they had 28 students in attendance. The most memorable event happened during Wednesday’s “lunch” on-the-job activity. During this OJT, the students are to grab a quick bite to eat and then, using the EV2 questionnaire, venture out on their own and give it a go! The discussion time that followed, once everyone returned, was electric. It was reported that six people prayed to receive Christ. Praise the Lord! Authentic learning – the process of integrating exploration and action into a classroom setting – has come of age and has had a resounding impact on our EE leadership training.

Would your church be interested in hosting an EV2 Leadership Launch or Cell?

  • Do you have excellent EV2 or Classic trainers?
  • Do you have a person who is gifted with administration?

If you would like more information about EV2, you can check out the website at:


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