Oct 21

Evangelism Explosion Makeover posted by jwatson on Oct 21, 2011

As you may have noticed as you visited recently, there has been an extreme makeover, digital edition. We are excited to bring the ministry and digital home base into the 21st century. The new website will help us share the story of Christ throughout the world. Not only will it equip Evangelism Explosion staff and evangelists around the world with better tools to help them grow ministry, it will also help field workers keep a worldwide audience up to date with the latest evangelism happenings.

Our heart is to use the website alongside new strategic efforts in Social Media to better connect Evangelism Explosion participants. Using integrated tools such as Facebook and Twitter, together we will engage and share resources, news, photos, and videos.

EE is more than just field workers and staff. We are a community of believers that are gathering around a common cause. Each of us has a story to tell and about how God is working in us and through us each day.

Engage us on this great adventure…

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