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Why every church should use EE – Part 3 posted by Yuen Woh Voon on Aug 02, 2012

Last week I wrote Part 1 and Part 2 of this series highlighting three of the top 10 reasons every church should use Evangelism Explosion. This will serve as the final post in our discovery of why EE can be so helpful to the local body of believers.

8. Developing friendly church members

Many church folks come to church to meet up with their friends. Sometimes they become so focused on their friends that they do not prioritize welcoming guests to the congregation. A church implementing EE training is on the lookout for prospects with whom they can share their faith. Accordingly, team members often go out of their way to meet new friends to connect with and to share. This attitude brings freshness to any congregation with the eventual addition of newcomers. A believer who regularly shares its faith successfully with others with love and respect is a friendly person.

9. Meeting the needs of the community

The Great Commission is a call to connect with people, to communicate the gospel to them and finally to challenge them to a commitment to Jesus Christ. EE teams look out for non-believers to share with. However, before the presentation of the gospel can be made, they need to connect with people first. In the quest to connect, the church visits the community, discovers its needs and raises resources to meet those needs. Then and only then, does the church earn the right to communicate the gospel. This cycle is repeated again and again in the experience of those who use EE. For communication to be successful, connecting must first take place. To connect, we must meet people’s needs.

10. Living for others.

How very easy for believers to seek the comfort zone and not leave it! The sinful human nature is basically a selfish one. Believers struggle with self-centeredness all the time. When we make a commitment to go out on OJTs weekly for the duration of the EE training semester, we make a decision to live for others and not for ourselves (2 Cor 5:15). Jesus died for us to leave us an example that we should no longer live for ourselves.
How wonderful it is when we can say no to our comforts and personal preferences and go out to connect with people and to share our faith. We are showing by our lifestyle that other people are more important than our own comforts and selfish ambitions. We proclaim that Jesus is Lord of our lives!

Getting started in EE

Well dear pastor, even if you have a strong, healthy and growing church, you should still use EE for the reasons above.
If you would like more information on how you can use EE in your church, you can either invite an EE resource person to share with you and your leadership or you can attend an EE clinic with some members of your church leadership team.

For more information, kindly contact the EE Malaysia office or visit our website at


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