Dec 24

Faith and Christmas posted by John Sorensen on Dec 24, 2019


A woman was walking down the sidewalk during the Christmas season and a reporter asked her, “What is the meaning of Christmas?” The woman responded, “Is that the day that Jesus died?”  Now, obviously her answer wasn’t quite right.  Christmas was not the day Jesus died but the day that we celebrate His coming to earth. Yet, in reality, Jesus did come to die, to give His life as a ransom for many.  So the woman’s answer was not totally incorrect.  Jesus’ amazing gift to us is one to be shared.  You know, we all know people who do not know God, yet they celebrate Christmas. They set up trees and exchange gifts and enjoy Christmas traditions. What a perfect time to share the true meaning of Christmas with them! Because the Christmas message isn’t just information, it’s an invitation – to come to the Savior born in a manger who offers us the free gift of eternal life.  If you need help sharing the gift of Christmas, visit ShareLife.Today.

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