Feb 20

Faith Value posted by John Sorensen on Feb 20, 2020


How much do you value your faith? If you have placed your faith in Jesus for salvation, you know there is nothing better than the assurance we’ve been given by God’s forgiveness and grace in Jesus Christ. And chance are, if you know Jesus, those around you know that you are a believer. Now, how much are you sharing that faith with those around you? While it may be an awkward conversation to begin with friends or family, more people are open to having that conversation than you may think! LifeWay Research conducted a survey of unchurched people about how they view faith. And seventy nine percent stated that “if a friend really values their faith, they didn’t mind them talking about it.” And if they see that it really matters to us, they will be more likely to listen with an open mind. Pray for opportunities to share with your loved ones today, and remember, they need the grace you have already received just as much as you do! For more, visit ShareLife.Today.

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