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Faithful to the End posted by John Sorensen on Jun 14, 2019


Have you heard someone say, ‘that person is too far gone to accept Jesus?’  Maybe you’ve said it yourself. I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, for Share Life Today.

Richard had been diagnosed with an inoperable stage four lung cancer and didn’t have long to live. A close friend had tried to witness to him but he had not been receptive. You see, Richard’s abusive father claimed to be a Christian, and Richard wanted nothing to do with God or Christianity. One day, a different friend of Richard’s was visiting him in the hospital, and felt an urgency to share the gospel with him. Using the EE Hand Presentation, he walked him through the 5 main points of the Gospel. Richard listened intently from his hospital bed and allowed his friend to share Scripture with him for the first time. Over the course of a few more visits and a lot of questions, Richard prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord.

Richard didn’t just get saved – he had a change of heart, repenting of his attitude towards his father and witnessing to visitors – even his cousin! Richard finished well. He spent his last days sharing the love of Jesus. If you need help sharing the Gospel, visit

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