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Fanatics posted by John Sorensen on Jul 28, 2015


Scoring four goals in 16 minutes during a soccer match is unheard of, especially in a World Cup final.  With each goal the fans went wild.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  FANS.  That’s what those frenzied people are called. I’m sure you know the word fan is a contraction of FANATIC.  Well, today it seems OK to be a sports fanatic…or a music fanatic.  At the same time, being a Jesus fanatic is frowned on.  I ask you, “What’s wrong with being a person who has an extreme enthusiasm and zeal for Jesus?”  That’s the definition of “fanatic.” In the Book of Acts, we find Peter, John & Stephen and many others who displayed an extreme enthusiasm and zeal for Jesus and His Gospel.  And they were changing their world.

Our world could use many like them.  So go ahead, cheer on your favorite sports team, enjoy your favorite music.  But also be someone who has an extreme enthusiasm for Christ and His Gospel.  Visit…it’s a great site for Jesus fanatics!

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