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Hope for Kids posted by jwatson on Feb 15, 2011

Now in its second year, the Hope for Kids (HFK) partnership between EE International and OneHope is making great impact on a global scale. The goal of HFK was to train 60,000 children’s leaders around the world in 2,000 workshops conducted in local churches. These leaders would then equip 2,000,000 kids with the Gospel.

Those leaders who commit to equip kids receive top-quality free materials including HFK Teacher’s Books, Activity Books, and Pathway to Hope witnessing booklets.

Already, two years into the program, there has been tremendous progress:

  • HFK materials translated into nine languages.
  • 4,059,000 Pathway to Hope witnessing booklets printed and ready for further distribution
  • HFK materials endorsed by church in Vietnam for use in 2,000 churches
  • 251,999 Pathway to Hope witnessing booklets distributed.
  • House-church movement in China endorses HFK to potentially train 800,000 children over three years.

Project Leader, Rev. Rod Story, says that he is con!dent that the outcomes of the project will not only be achieved but surpassed. “This is a wonderful opportunity to see the children of the world given an eternal security,” Rod says. For information on Hope for Kids visit:

IFW Daniel Morales reports from Costa Rica
Forty-six students gathered from Costa Rica and all
over Latin America and Spain for the training. We have
joined forces with ten churches in the community.
There are more than 4,000 children who will have the
opportunity to hear the Gospel through HFK. Other
workshops are being planned.

IFW Vincent Wanjata reports from Kenya
Winfred Maithya’s main concern was where to find
children to train because she only had three in her
Sunday School. What Winfred didn’t know was that
those three children were spreading news of HFK in the
neighborhood. Soon, Winfred had to make room for 14
kids to train. Today, Winfred has equipped more than
60 children’s leaders and pastors. The Lord is moving
and people are experiencing the impact that HFK
brings to their children’s ministry.

IFW Banjamin Thomas reports from India
During HFK on-the-job training, the trainees saw this
as a new experience since most of them had never gone
out to share the Gospel. There was much enthusiasm
and commitment to learn the materials. Following
OJT, each of them testified with delight that they could
share Christ confidently.

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