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Fighting Evangelism Fatigue posted by jwatson on Jan 13, 2009

Lee Strobel wrote a great blog on fighting evangelism fatigue.  I think if we are all fair we would agree that his words resonate in us as well.  I’ve quoted his blog here and given a link at the bottom for the rest of the article.  He offers some helpful tips to staying on task…

“Your brother is an atheist. Your neighbor is into New Age and Tarot cards. Your boss thinks Christianity is based on ancient mythology. The waiter at your favorite lunch spot is a Muslim. Your chiropractor is simply indifferent about God.

“And some days – if you’re really honest – you just don’t care very much. At least, not enough to initiate a spiritual conversation with them.

“Let me be the first to confess: there are times when I suffer from evangelism fatigue. I know I should care, I know I should reach out to them, I know I should talk to them about Jesus – but my motivation meter is hovering at low voltage.

“Maintaining a high-energy evangelistic lifestyle isn’t easy, is it? Sometimes our passion for personal outreach begins to flicker. Call it unspiritual. Call it sin. But let’s be honest enough to call it what it undeniably is: very, very real. So what can we do about it? Here are some steps I take when these doldrums hit.” [read more]

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