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Finding Purpose and Hope In My Life posted by jwatson on Nov 10, 2015

When you enter into a conversation about the Lord and His transformational power, your testimony is integral in creating a personal connection and trust with someone. Here’s a testimony from we’d like to share with you today:

When I was in college, there was a time I was wondering from my faith and I lived for my pleasures, my desires, and my purposes. But in doing so, I felt more and more that I had no real purpose in life and I was just wandering with no hope and no real companionship in my life. I desired purpose, I wanted a friend, and I needed hope in life.

After feeling this purposelessness, loneliness, and hopelessness for too long, I felt God calling me back to Himself. He is faithful when we are faithless and He assured me that He could fulfill the longings I was having in my life. I had tried enough of the world to know that I could not find anything in the world to fulfill the desire I had for purpose and hope. I came to realize that only God could fulfill those in my life. So I gave my entire life back over to Him, and allowed Him to be King of my life – whatever He wanted, I would do.

Now I know for certain that I have eternal life when I die, but while I am here on earth, I also have a purpose and a hope that I desperately desired and that only God can provide.

From purposeless to real purpose; From hopelessness to real hope.


Rolland Kenneson

Colorado, United States

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