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Five Helpful Evangelism Tips posted by jwatson on Nov 29, 2011

All Christians are to be evangelists, and to fail to proclaim the gospel to others is to miss the very essence of what God has left us on earth to do. Perhaps you are one of the many who does not find evangelism easy or natural. Here are some steps to take to help your evangelism be more effective:

Live a Transformed Life
The most eloquent and fluent Gospel presentation is muted if unbelievers identify you by patterns of sin in your life. The more holy and the more set apart our lives are, the more powerful our evangelism generally will be. In fact, the consistent testimony of a changed life is one of the more compelling proofs of the truth of the Gospel (Rom 12:1).

Pray Relentlessly
I have seen in my own life that in times where I am not praying for evangelistic opportunities, I have a hard time identifying them. However, the more I pray and ask God to open opportunities for evangelism, the more opportunities I seem to have. Prayer is not only answered by God bringing more non-believers into our lives, but is also answered by God allowing us see the opportunities that are already present. A sign of godliness is earnest prayer for the lost (Rom 10:1).

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