Oct 27

Five Means of Growth posted by John Sorensen on Oct 27, 2015


God wants new believers to grow in their faith. And we should want that too.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. It’s important to help new believers understand the process of sanctification in five key areas. Think of it as – The Means of Spiritual Growth. The first is daily reading of the Bible. I recommend no less than a chapter a day beginning in the Book of John. The second is spending time each day with God in prayer. The third is worshipping in a Bible-believing local church – invite them to yours. The fourth is fellowshipping with like-minded Christians. And the fifth is sharing their faith in Christ as someone did with them. Generally, the person who has committed his life to Jesus Christ will, out of gratitude for the gift of eternal life, want to grow in these key areas. So, remember Bible, Prayer, Worship, Fellowship and Witness.

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