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Five Things That Undermine Evangelism posted by jwatson on Oct 21, 2014

5 Things That Undermine Evangelism

The primary reason most churches are not evangelistic is because most pastors, staff and church members are not evangelistic. Our theology may be sound. Our motives may be sound. But we are not personally evangelistic.

What, then, are the reasons we are not personally evangelistic? Here are five reasons to consider.

1. We fail to be biblically responsible for doing evangelism ourselves. Instead we think it’s the responsibility of another person, a program, or a denomination.

2. We fail to put evangelistic opportunities on our calendars. Many of us are evangelistic in theory. But we will never be evangelistic unless we are intentional about it and set aside time each week. It may be as simple as taking a co-worker or neighbor to lunch.

3. We fail to be consistent in our evangelistic efforts. What if we committed to doing just one thing evangelistically each week? Think about the impact we could have with 52 evangelistic encounters. Think about the impact a church would have if 100 members had 52 evangelistic encounters.

4. We fail to pray for evangelistic opportunities. What if each of us, whether we are a pastor, church staff member, or church member, prayed each day for the opportunity to share the gospel in word or deed? Imagine what would happen if we combined the power of prayer with intentional evangelism.

5. We fail to do what is most important because we are busy doing the less important. Church life can keep us very busy, so busy that we neglect our families, and we neglect doing ministry outside the walls of the church. Many of our church members may not be evangelistic because church activities keep them too busy to engage the community around them.

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