Sep 20

Friendship: One Way to Evangelism posted by John Sorensen on Sep 20, 2019


When’s the last time you thought of your network of relationships as an opportunity to go fishing?  Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Friendly relationships can lead to evangelism so it stands to reason that we spend time and effort to befriend those with whom we want to share our faith.  What we may not think about is that most of us have several networks of relationships.  We’re born into one group of relationships with our family and that grows if we marry.  Our job places us in another network as we interact with co-workers.   We have our neighborhood network, our school and social club networks – not to mention our church fellowship network – don’t assume everyone at church has made a profession of faith in Christ.  There’s still more with the on-going relationships we have with our dentist and doctor and barber and mailman, and other casual acquaintances.  Every one of these relationships can lead to an opportunity to share the Good News.  Need help knowing how to get started or what to say? We’re here to help at

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