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Friendship posted by John Sorensen on Jul 09, 2015


So you’ve shared the Gospel with someone you don’t know well. Now what?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. After you share the Gospel with someone that you’ve just met, effective follow-up starts with friendship. For example, if you share the Gospel and your new friend makes a profession of faith, make sure to invite them and then accompany them to a new believers Bible study. This demonstrates your interest in their life. And if they’re not ready to make a profession of faith just yet, you know your witnessing doesn’t need to stop there.  Make an appointment for lunch to get to know them better.

And there are other options to consider like a one-on-one study of God’s Word, a Sunday school class or an outing for coffee— all of which builds trust and leads to other spiritual discussions and growth in their life.  So think of friendship as a bridge for you to use to share life today. Visit for more tips and other Gospel resources.

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