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Getting Focused posted by jwatson on Sep 21, 2012

Jotham lives in Kisumu, a port city in western Kenya, and has always struggled to read the Word of God. That’s because Jotham has one eye, and his only eye could not focus clearly on the text.

Working with EE’s Glasses for Missions (GFM) ministry, field worker Wyclife Wanjala learned of Jotham and made him a pair of reading glasses fit perfectly for his good eye. You can imagine this man’s joy at being able to read his Bible.

There are thousands of Jotham’s who have been impacted by EE’s Glasses for Missions. GFM enables literate poor to obtain a useable pair of reading glasses at an affordable price.  We train nationals and missionaries to make these durable glasses. This ministry of mercy then opens the door for the primary purpose:  sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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