Give the Gift of Eternal Life


Your gift helps bring people from death to eternal life.

The greatest gift of all is eternal life through Christ’s perfect life, death and resurrection. And when you contribute to EE’s Great Commission Fund, your gift impacts people around the world for all of eternity.

In 2011, there were 7.25 million people making professions of faith in Jesus Christ through EE-trained witnesses. The numbers are not in yet, but we know that we will surpass 7.25 million people for 2012.

Time is short as midnight, December 31 is the deadline to make your 2012 tax deductible gift to Evangelism Explosion.  And with your gift of $35 or more to the Great Commission Fund, and upon request, you’ll receive the book Green – Growing Deep in a Shallow World by Archbishop Harry Goodhew. Living green is all the rage today, but the true “greening” of America starts with this new book. It is necessary reading if you desire to know the practices that sustain the Christian life and how to dig out of the plague of shallowness that has seeped into modern Christianity. This book will nourish your soul, and it’s yours with a gift of $35 or more and upon request.

Please don’t wait. Thank you.