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Giving Matters posted by jwatson on Sep 02, 2011

Getting a handle on giving

  • Are you swamped with requests for funding from ministries?
  • Are you losing track of to whom you are giving and how much?
  • Do you know what impact your gifts are having?

If any of these ring true with you (or if all of them do), Joel Belz of WORLD Magazine has a helpful suggestion to help you out of the haze:

Instead of shotgunning $10 and $25 and $50 gifts all over the direct mail landscape, pick two or three (or more) worthy causes and support them robustly.

Set a goal (I’m assuming you’re already tithing to your local church) of designating an additional 1 percent for Christian education, still another 1 percent for Christian relief or social work, and still another 1 percent for missions or evangelism. (One percent is easy to calculate!). And then keep going.

Just imagine what would happen if a million Christian donors did that for a thousand organizations. I’m enough of an optimist to think it might actually make an impact on the larger economy as well.

In 2010, EE’s annual world-wide budget was approximately $12 million.  That same year, we received 6.2 million professions of faith through the work of associated evangelists.

In short:  Every $2 given to EE yields 1 profession of faith.

If you’d like some help thinking through how you can best allocate your above-tithe giving to the work of missions or evangelism, please contact Evangelism Explosion today by calling 954-465-2241 or email [email protected].

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