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Giving the Gospel a Broadcast Boost! posted by John Sorensen on Mar 19, 2015

You may not know this about me, but years ago, I was a radio disk jockey. I realized then and know now that broadcast radio can have a powerful impact. And now Evangelism Explosion International is putting that power to use for the proclamation of the Gospel!

EE is launching a new venture in April called Share Life Today Radio. I will host a 60-second radio feature on Christian radio stations that offers tips and tools to help you be a better way-of-life witness. There will also be a companion website, where you will be able find a treasure chest of witnessing  “helps” to use as you share the Gospel in the context of your everyday life.

Why Radio?

Most Christians I meet want to share their faith but they don’t know how, are afraid, or just get busy and forget to try.  I’m hopeful that this radio feature will energize many believers and reactivate others who have been trained in EE but who aren’t using it. Just imagine, what would happen if 70 million Christians in America witnessed to their friends— even if we only witnessed to one friend a week, imagine how this would change our nation!

Visit starting the week of April 6 when it goes “live” and glean valuable witnessing resources. You can listen to a sample radio spots at RIGHT NOW! I think you’ll be excited about how this can empower and motivate you in your witnessing for the Lord.

And you can help be a part of this exciting adventure! Contact your local Christian radio station and ask them to make Share Life Today Radio a part of their programming. Let them know they can find out more by contacting Ambassador Advertising – a trusted name in media circles. Thank you!


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