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God’s Faithfulness In Trials posted by jwatson on Nov 16, 2011

In tough times, Andy fights the good fight in Africa, even while he, his wife and two young daughters live under a tent.

God’s faithfulness in trials from EE Video on Vimeo.

Andy Nyirenda coordinates Hope for Kids training in Malawi. On September 18, the area where Andy and his family live near Lilongwe, the capital, was hit by a powerful storm. The storm destroyed the roof on their home and all belongings were soaked. “We’re still sleeping outside,” Andy says. “We have lost a lot but believe that God is in control.”

As they continue to sleep outside, Andy is most concerned about his daughters. “Our worry is mostly for the girls,” he says, “especially for Takondwa, our baby of four months. The nights are cold and the girls are troubled.”

In this video, you’ll meet Andy and discover his passion to serve the Lord even amidst great trial. He visited with EE President, John Sorensen in 2010 before the storm damaged his home. Please pray for Andy and his family. He does not have the financial resources to replace his roof. It will cost $2,000 and he only makes $300 a month. Your gift would be a tremendous blessing to Andy and his family. And consider a gift to other EE staff members who are experiencing difficult trials this Thanksgiving.

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