May 31

God is Sovereign posted by John Sorensen on May 31, 2019


I was driving home after witnessing with friends when one asked, “What did we do wrong that we didn’t have a profession of faith?”  I said, “nothing.”  You see, God is sovereign.  This is John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Have you been disappointed when someone didn’t pray to receive Christ?  Well I have too.  But we need to remember that we don’t save anyone. God does. We are not the end, but we can be the means that God uses to reach that end.  So be encouraged. Whether you experience a profession of faith or not, you’re being obedient to God’s Great Commission.  Find someone to share life with today and let God decide the outcome.   You want to witness?  We want to help.  For more information and encouragement on how you can be part of sharing life with your friends, relatives, worker associates, neighbors and even the strangers you meet, visit our website at for more free Gospel resources.

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