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God’s Banner Over Us is Love posted by John Sorensen on Oct 01, 2010

I was recently on a plane and had the opportunity to chat with someone rather famous. This man had gone through many of the trappings of stardom. And, as is often the case, he finally came to the end of himself. As he searched for a solution he discovered that there was only one solution that involved extravagant love poured out for him. As he chose God,  it was God’s infinite love that so  compelled him.

We’re told in the Scriptures that the world will know we are Christians by our love. But is that what the world really sees when they look at us? Is that what causes us to follow after God so passionately? Is love what we are about?

The late Bill Bright said one time that since he traveled a great deal when his children were growing up, he did not see them all that often. But whenever he would come home, he would say to his two little boys, “Well, guys, what would you like to do?” Well, there was always one thing that they would like to do—they liked to get down on the living room floor and wrestle with their daddy. And so, that is what they would do. One time he thought to himself, “I wonder what would happen if I came home and heard my kids say, ‘Daddy, what would you like to do?’”

“What would I say? I would say, ‘Aha, now I’ve got you, and now you’re going to have spinach three times a day, and no more ice cream. You’re going to do homework six hours a day and mow the lawn every other day.’” He said, “I wouldn’t have said that. I would be so amazed, I probably would say, ‘Well, guys, what I’d like is an ice cream cone. Would either of you like to go with me?’ And when we got home, I would probably say, ‘Why don’t we get down on the rug and wrestle?’”

God’s banner over us is love—an infinite love, and His plan for our life is far more loving and satisfying and fulfilling than any plan that we would ever know. I would urge you to yield yourself to that and discover the full wonder of that love.

Remember this, “Love never fails…”

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