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God’s Gift posted by jwatson on Aug 13, 2013

When EE Africa Coordinators, Matt Moffett, and his wife, Toni, returned to Ghana after six weeks of EE training in neighboring Malawi, they had questions. Did their training reap fruit?” “Was it good enough?” “Will those trained follow through?”

One phone call helped answer their questions.

It came from Isaac, who partners with the Moffetts in EE. Isaac called to talk about his daughter, Joanna, who went through the training in Malawi. The news was so important he couldn’t share it over the phone. He wanted to visit them.

Matt recalls the visit. “As we sat in our home, Isaac shared the changes he saw in Joanna since she had returned from Malawi. He told us that Joanna was now more dedicated to reading the Bible and prayer and she had also asked to join Isaac as he goes to the prison to minister,” Matt said. And Joanna had never asked Isaac to join him in his ministry.

During a taxi ride, Isaac watched his daughter engage the driver in a spiritual discussion and share the Gospel. Isaac knew that the EE training had transformed the life of Joanna, a gift from God that any father would cherish. For the Moffetts, God had confirmed that the six-week training was well worth the investment.

Joanna is pictured above.

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