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God’s Timing posted by John Sorensen on Feb 06, 2020


Sometimes what you’re praying for takes a while, doesn’t it? We have all been through things in life that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. But, God is faithful and He has a plan. Even if His plan isn’t the timing we would have chosen. A lady named Patricia told us that her friend Mary was Catholic but had never prayed to receive Christ. Well, throughout their friendship, Patricia talked to Mary about Jesus and she accepted Christ. Mary became so burdened for her husband to know Jesus as well. She prayed and witnessed for years. She never gave up, and finally, after 15 years, Mary’s husband put his faith in Jesus. Now, I tell you this to encourage you. As you seek the Lord and share His love, you can trust that He is working all things together for His purpose. So, don’t give up on your lost loved one. If you need help sharing your faith, visit Share Life dot Today for tips and tools. That’s Share Life dot Today.

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