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Going Solo posted by jwatson on Jan 23, 2013

We’ve all been there. After being trained how to share your faith through EE, there comes the time to fly alone. The opportunity presents itself, and you realize that there is no trainer looking over your shoulder.

But what most people discover is that their EE training comes to the forefront and, even with a few stumbles, their prospect finds the Gospel presentation to be clearly understood.

It happened to a child trained in our Hope for Kids ministry. The child’s father, Dale, tells of his daughter’s first-time experience in sharing the Gospel with an unchurched friend in their AWANA program. “I overheard her talk and utilize the Hope for Kids presentation,” he said.

“She was so excited afterwards as this was her first real solo time to share.”

While we didn’t hear of her friend’s response to the Gospel, we know that every kingdom work, even stumbling words of witness that flow out of our faith relationship with God, will find their place in the heavenly order.

And we discover that, once we’re trained, flying solo isn’t so difficult after all.

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