May 5

Good New Specialist posted by John Sorensen on May 05, 2015

Are you a Good News Specialist?  You know there’s all kinds of titles out there – especially in the business world.  What if Christians carried a business card for our work in the Great Commission?  I’d love to see our title be a – Good News Specialist.  That’s what you are! This Gospel of Jesus Christ is Good News that sets us FREE with a promise of everlasting life.  In the Book of Acts, Paul and Silas reply to the jailer, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved!”  We have a message of rescue and redemption, and if we don’t share it, where will our friends hear it?  So, become part of this great Gospel adventure.  Be the voice in God’s Great Commission project.  Be a Good News Specialist and share life with your friends today.

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