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Good Outweighs Bad posted by John Sorensen on Mar 08, 2016


You know, most people know that they’ve sinned. What they don’t know is the seriousness of that sin.

I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Many times people hear that “All have sinned.” But they conclude that since sin is something everyone is doing, it can’t be so bad. And they think “While I’m a sinner, I’m not so bad a sinner that I can’t get to Heaven by being reasonably good.” Another way they may put it is that, “their good outweighs their bad.” When you share your faith with someone it’s important for them to understand that God’s standard is perfection and that ANY sin, even as small as a bad thought, disqualifies them from Heaven.  So, people cannot save themselves no matter how hard they try because we are saved by faith alone in Christ ALONE.  To help you better explain to someone the seriousness of sin, and what Jesus Christ did for them, you can watch a powerful illustration called “The Record Book of Sin” on our website at

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