Nov 17

Gospel Goosebumps posted by John Sorensen on Nov 17, 2014

Last night on the way home I was listening to Chip Ingram and his radio program, “Living on the Edge.” At the end of the show Chip gave a wonderful gospel presentation. I was praying for those listening that they would hear this truth and believe. Praise God!

But I did question how he did such a great job? I don’t know if Chip was ever trained in Evangelism Explosion, but what he did sounded very much like the EE gospel presentation that we teach people to share. He started with the end-of-life question, “Do you know for sure that you will one day be with God in Heaven?” Then he proceeded to share the problem that we have with sin, the nature of God and why He is too holy to even look upon our sin, the amazing price that Jesus paid on the cross enduring God’s wrath against sin upon Himself in our place, and the decision point where we must believe in this truth by faith.

I’m so glad for Chip. And I wish every pastor knew how to do what he did.

And more like how to take a regular conversation at the supermarket or a restaurant and turn it into an opportunity to share that wonderful truth. I know this may sound like a commercial but that’s why we as an organization exist! We get goosebumps over helping people learn to share the Gospel in a comfortable, confident way.

We’d love to help you too! Maybe start by learning to share your testimony. We’ve built an amazing (and free!) tool to help you

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to do just that. Check out and see what God will do through you!

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