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Gospel Outline Week – Man posted by John Sorensen on Jan 07, 2020


This week we’re learning an easy to remember Gospel presentation. We’re using the five fingers of our hand to remember five Gospel words – one each day.  Yesterday was GRACE – and we used our thumb pointing toward Heaven to remember that Heaven is free…not earned or deserved. Today, we’re using our second finger, our pointer finger for the second word – MAN – meaning the entire human race. The Bible clearly states that man is a sinner and cannot save himself.  “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” are the words of Romans three twenty three. Sin is anything that falls short of God’s perfect standard. An action, a word, a thought, an attitude… …and because we are sinners, we cannot save ourselves. But the Gospel is Good News! There is a way to be saved, but it’s not man’s way…it’s God’s way. We’re in great need of His grace to cover our sins! You can visit Share Life dot Today and view the Gospel “Hand” presentation video. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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