Oct 10

Great Gospel Advances posted by jwatson on Oct 10, 2013

Traditionally, summer has always been a sluggish time for giving. To continue to meet our budget and not interrupt any of our important ministry work, we need to raise $130,000 every month. Please consider a gift, or even an extra gift, this month, to help fill the gaps from slow summer giving and keep us on budget this fall.

By God’s grace and your prayers and gifts, our ministry is making great advances. Yet, significant challenges lie ahead. Some of them include:

• continuing to strengthen other EE nations so that their EE ministries are running full steam ahead

• launching our TENT campaign to reach Muslim-background believers with the Gospel and assist churches eager to provide ministry to Muslim communities

• continuing to reach children for Christ in the poor economic environments of China, Africa, Indonesia, India and Latin America. When financial assistance is provided, growth is significant as evidenced by the millions of children already equipped with the Gospel through Hope for Kids.

These represent just a few of our ongoing ministries that are making great impact for Christ and the Gospel. Thank you for considering a gift this month!

Give safely and securely online at:

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