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Great Joy posted by John Sorensen on Dec 27, 2019


Do you know what one of the most observable characteristics was of New Testament Christians?  Well, they were known for sharing their faith. In Chapter 8 of the book of Acts, we learn that those who shared their faith experienced “great joy.”  And those who received the witness and made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ experienced that joy too.  You know, not much has really changed in our day.  For those who know how to share their faith, there’s great joy at seeing someone receive the free gift of eternal life.  And Scripture tells us that the Angels in Heaven rejoice too.   So, if you want to know joy – real joy – tell someone about Jesus and what He’s done for you and what He’ll do for them.  And then watch as the Holy Spirit begins to work.  And don’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit is working on you too – to make witnessing a part of your everyday Christian life.  Need help?  Visit for free tips, tools and resources.

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