Dec 23

Greatest Gift posted by John Sorensen on Dec 23, 2019


What’s on your Christmas list this year? The Christmas season is full of family gatherings, parties, shopping and cooking. Sometimes it may just feel like you’re drowning in holiday cheer! I want to challenge you to slow down, yes, even in December, and take time for Gospel conversations. You see, while it may be the busiest time of year, it’s also a season with a wide-open door for Gospel conversations! Take advantage of the gatherings and the gift giving, and share with others the greatest gift of all – a relationship with Jesus! You can start by asking someone, ‘what was your favorite Christmas gift as a child?’ and then share with them how there is only one gift that will last forever, and you already have it! Everyone loves to receive gifts and this is one that everyone needs to know about! Ask the Lord to show you opportunities to share His love as Christmas approaches. For tips and tools to help you witness, visit our website,

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