May 24

EE-Tremendous Growth Takes Resources posted by jwatson on May 24, 2011

Today may be the most exciting day in the history of Evangelism Explosion International. “The EE ministry has never been better in its 50 years of equipping people to share the Good News,” reports Dr. John B. Sorensen, EE President.

John points out that there are more churches involved in EE, more people being trained, and more people making professions of faith in Christ than at any time since EE was founded.

It took the ministry almost 50 years since its beginning in the early 60’s to see 30 nations going strong with EE and giving back to the international ministry. We call these nations “mature”. In just a few more years, by 2013, EE estimates having 30 more fully mature EE nations.

An innovative plan was put in place for the mature nations to “adopt” other less mature nations, thereby assisting them in growing and spreading the ministry. It is proving to be a huge success, and having 60 mature nations at the next EE Congress of Nations in Capetown, South Africa in 2013 will be an exciting landmark.

Achieving indigenization

In China, 13 nations are helping to build and strengthen the EE ministry there. “And we used to do this ourselves,” explains John. “We would have people from the west traveling around China to accomplish this, and it wasn’t the most efficient way.” It is clear that, today, the indigenization of the EE ministry is fully being realized.

The EE rate-of-growth is staggering. Consider that in 1990, the EE ministry was in 80 nations, running 300 clinics a year on one product. Today, EE is in 228 nations and territories, running almost 800 clinics a year using a variety of products specifically geared to more effectively train up every generation.

Equipping more people in more effective ways

EE offers 11 ministries to equip everyone from children to seniors. More great ideas are being considered and the ministry is spreading its wings with more than 1,000 staff around the world.

With such incredible expansion, challenges are inevitable. “Our greatest challenge has always been financial,” John emphasizes.” We could easily have four times the number of people if we had resources to fund the programs, training, and materials.”

$100,000 matching challenge to finish fiscal year strong, but it ends June 30.

Right now, an opportunity exists to raise those resources and put more people to work in the harvest field. A gracious donor who put up the $100,000 matching challenge fund last December has done it again, promising to match every unrestricted gift EE receives between now and June 30, dollar-for-dollar, up to the full amount of the $100,000 challenge. A gift of $100 becomes $200. If you give $1,000, EE will receive $2,000. Every gift is doubled which means more people working in the harvest field, more people equipped to share their faith, and more professions of faith in Christ.

Collecting the $100,000 challenge fund is critical for EE to finish in the black, therefore increasing necessary resources to keep the ministry moving forward.

Click here to double your gift. Help reach lost souls for Christ, enable our labor prompted by love, and inspire our endurance in the hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. EE is experiencing great days for the Lord. With your continued help, great things for God’s Kingdom lie ahead.

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