Jan 28

Haiti Outreach Update – Monday January 28th posted by jwatson on Jan 28, 2010

I just received an update from Suzi Warren:

Dear John and EE Friends,
Don called on the sat. phone last night, then the line went dead after a too short conversation, but still it was good to hear his voice . We hadn’t spoken for several day. He said he has been visiting many churches and camps which he says are everywhere. Some people are living in tents, many are under tarps, others are just staying out in the open. He said some areas look like they had been hit with a nuclear bomb. He is distributing the high quality water filters that can do 500 gallons a day. He is trying to get as many as he can into the hands of churches and church members-who now may be residing in the IDP camps. This effort is being coordinated through the large network of EE churches. So these people are getting not only the critical water they need, but the Living Water of the Gospel.
Don says the stench of rotting bodies is overwhelming in these devasted areas-which must be very bad since he can’t smell very well with his allergies.
Praise God for His sovereingty that so many Haitians have been trained and equipped to share the Good News with their family, friends, and neighbor-FOR JUST SUCH A TIME AS THIS.
In Him,
Donald J. Warren

Thank you for continuing to pray and give. I know it is making a difference. I really don’t know of a better example of Christ’s Church being the Church!

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