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Haiti Update – Saturday, January 16th posted by jwatson on Jan 16, 2010

Thank you for your prayers for the people of Haiti. Please pray for God’s direction regarding EE’s response. Some critical decisions need to be made in the next 24-hours.

Thank you for your gifts. So far, you’ve given nearly $2,000 toward the $25,000 goal. God bless you!

I just received this update from Devon Linton, EE’s Director for our Caribbean ministries (he received it from Bishop Seale):

As we continue to pray for Haïti here are some developments that we should keep before the Lord as we intercede:

  • People are leaving Port-au-Prince and moving into the cities and villages all across the country. This is putting significant pressure on communities. Terry Snow, Director of the YWAM base in St. Marc reports that churches there are now being used as shelters for persons from Port-au-Prince and food is becoming scarce. Terry reports: “One of the largest wholesalers in St. Marc has empty depots tonight with no word on when he might be able to get more bulk food! … Fuel is gone, vehicles are being parked! We have to have fuel if we are going to survive, much less help the victims!”
  • Terry is working with authorities in St. Marc to open the harbour there. Three small vessels are being assembled to move containers from Florida to St. Marc.
  • Word has come of another possible entry point at Gonaives which has a large harbor. This is quite a drive from Port-au-Prince but is an entry point.
  • First responders are experiencing exhaustion and depression. You can even see it in the faces of the news reporters as some shed tears as they try to report on the situation. We urgently need to keep the responders in prayer asking God to strengthen them physically, psychologically, emotionally and above all spiritually.
  • This tragedy can give Haïti a new opportunity to build and transform this nation. Please intercede for those who will be planning reconstruction as a nation now needs to be built – governmental structures, schools, hospitals, churches, homes, roads, telephone and electrical delivery systems, sewage disposal, water distribution, etc. Pray that God would over rule and bless this nation significantly in the building phase. In disasters we need to move as quickly as possible from relief to reconstruction and engage the people in building their nation. The faster this transition from relief to reconstruction can be made the quicker the spirit of the people will rise in victory.

Please feel free to pass this on to your friends and email contacts as we seek to increase the intercession and awareness of the situation. Please don’t forward it after January 17, 2010.

Bishop Gerald A. Seale, DD,
General Secretary and CEO,
Evangelical Association of the Caribbean

Thank you for your continued prayers at this critical time. I’m going to post Pierre’s vision on this site later today.

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