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Happy Birthday! posted by John Sorensen on Aug 27, 2015


Brothers Ron & Jeff knew they couldn’t improve on the phrase “Happy Birthday”.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.   The simple Charlie Brown birthday card sent by Ron to Jeff in 1972 is still going strong.  For 42 years the brothers have sent the same card to one another.  Inside you’ll find each signature 42 times with the date.  And just like you can’t find a new and improved way to say Happy Birthday, you can’t find a new and improved Gospel to share with someone. The wonderful message of God’s love expressed by sending Jesus Christ to the cross to die for our sin is not old or new, it’s eternal…forever.  He who believes in Jesus Christ will be saved.  This is the Gospel!  Don’t try to improve it…or update it!  Simply share it!  And, if a person responds by trusting Christ, you can say “Happy Birthday!” because that day becomes their spiritual birthday.

Visit for a Gospel tract that contains a “Spiritual Birth Certificate.”  We’ll be glad to send you some free.

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