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Have an EEaster posted by John Sorensen on Apr 07, 2012

The celebration of our Lord’s death and resurrection is the climax of the Christian calendar. It’s also a great opportunity to share the Gospel with friends, neighbors, and colleagues at work. I encourage you to take it.

We live in a culture in which ultimate questions are avoided like the plague. The sex lives of Hollywood celebrities or the annual earnings of America’s most wealthy are just fine for casual conversation. But the question of God’s existence or what really happened on Easter morning is, for many, not fit for polite conversation. Bringing up those matters violates a cardinal rule of Western secular culture.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, the founder of Evangelism Explosion, brilliantly explained the eclipse of God in secular culture:

The word secularism comes from the Latin word secularis, which means “the present world” or in other words, “life as conceived without any relationship to eternity or to God.” That is secularism. The Western world has become almost 99 percent secular. Listen to any talk show on television.

This smoked plastic dome that has settled down upon the city of man does not allow him to see past death into the future. Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? He cannot know. Is there a God? “The dome is too smoky. I cannot see up to God. I cannot see out into the future.” That is secularism, and this nation and the Western world have been overwhelmingly secularized in a Darwinian, atheistic, materialistic life.

The Easter holiday is a global event that lifts, if for just a short while, the smoked plastic dome under which millions live and, tragically, die—discovering too late the truth we celebrate at Easter.

This Easter, I encourage you to shine the light of the Gospel into that smoked dome. Share the Gospel with friends and neighbors and others with whom God brings you into contact. And, remember, telling others about Jesus is the most fun a Christian can have this side of heaven!

May God bless you this Easter! He is risen, indeed!


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