Mar 31

Head Knowledge and Temporary Faith posted by John Sorensen on Mar 31, 2016


Do you know the key that opens the door to Heaven?  And do you possess it?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Saving faith – meaning trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE for eternal life – is the key that opens the door to Heaven.  When sharing the Gospel with someone, it’s critical that they understand what saving faith is and what it isn’t.  True faith isnot merely head knowledge.  By head knowledge I mean believing that Jesus Christ walked this earth but not trusting Him for anything today.  In fact, the Bible says that even the demons believe in Jesus and tremble and we know they’re not going to Heaven.  In addition, temporary faith, like turning to God for matters of health, family, finance and safety isn’t saving faith either.  While it’s good to pray for those things, it won’t save anyone.  You see, Christ didn’t come to earth merely to get us through an operation or on a plane flight.  He came to get us to Heaven so that we might have eternal life! You can watch a video that illustrates faith at

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