May 24

Heaven Is Free posted by John Sorensen on May 24, 2016


As a believer in Christ, you understand that Heaven is a free gift. Yet, sharing this statement just once with others may not drive this important truth home.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion InternationalThe problem is that every religion in the world, other than Christianity, believes that man must earn the favor of God by doing something. Its only Christianity that believes that the debt for our sin is paid in full by Jesus ChristSo saying one time to a non-believing friend that Heaven is a free gift may not be enough. I know of someone who was trying to make this point and the person they were sharing with said, “I’ve been in my church too long to believe that I don’t have to do something to get into Heaven.  And this is why prayer is always a key component when witnessing.  Only the Holy Spirit can open the ears of our friends for clear understanding. To watch a video with a clear presentation of the free gift of eternal life, you can visit our website at

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