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Hope for Kids in Kenya posted by jwatson on Sep 02, 2011

Report from Chris Mboyi,
Children’s Leader in the Kisii region, Kenya

After I was trained with Hope for Kids, I immediately initiated the program in my church for children from age 10 to 16. I conducted the ministry for two weeks during the August holiday. There were two of us from our church. The other teacher used the remaining books as a part of a feeding program that the church runs for orphans and children of poverty from a nearby school. Those children normally come to eat lunch in the church three days a week.

Together we taught over twenty kids for over fifteen days, and they went out and shared the Gospel in their school and brought more than twenty kids to church using the Pathway to Hope witnessing books. We praise the Lord for the great work that He is doing in the lives of those kids. Other churches invited us to teach their kids and we reached 118 kids.

We have been partnering with other ministries, school Bible clubs, and pastoral programs. We have taught the ministry in more than five schools to many children. The possibilities for Hope for Kids are endless!

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