Nov 28

High posted by John Sorensen on Nov 28, 2019


When asked the question, “How are you today?” have you ever responded, “Well, under the circumstances, I guess I’m OK.” But, when you’re in Christ, you don’t need to live under the circumstances.  You can live high upon a rock, and that Rock is Jesus. Hear this truth from Psalm one thirty eight verse six – “For though the Lord is on high, He regards the lowly.”  The Bible is clear that the Lord is high and exalted. This pictures God on His throne, above all creation.  Thankfully, the Lord Jesus left His throne on high and entered our world to save us. Christ came to die on the cross that we might be lifted high. In fact, this is exactly what takes place when He saves us.  “He lifts us high upon a rock”, says Psalm twenty-seven five. Do you know Jesus as Lord and Savior?  If so, rejoice…and tell someone else.  We should live in a constant state of thankfulness! If you need help learning to witness, visit ShareLife.Today.

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