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Hope for Kids making worldwide impact posted by jwatson on Sep 02, 2011

The Hope for Kids project is in its third year of use, and it has exceeded all expectations. Pastors and leaders react with overwhelming joy when they learn about the free Hope for Kids materials.

Toni Moffett is a HFK field worker in Ghana, Africa, and feels that the free materials have completely revolutionized the EE ministry.

In the past, I was only able to do a few, small workshops, reaching a small amount of children. Now, with free materials that allow more availability to train field workers, and the extremely amazing top quality Teacher’s Books, Activity Books and Pathway to Hope Books, we are reaching and teaching thousands of children with the truth of the Gospel.

 – Toni Moffett

When the Hope for Kids project began in 2008, we knew it would impact the lives of children with the Gospel. But it’s also having a huge impact on the Sunday school teachers as well. “The quality of training is something they are not used to, and they are very appreciative for the opportunity to receive it,” Toni said.

Over and over again, the adults respond: “I thought this teaching was only for the children, but MY life has changed! I now understand my own salvation; I never thought the Gospel could be so easy.”

Getting the adults on solid ground establishes a foundation for progress. “I really believe that that is where it starts, teach the teachers correctly, and they, in turn, will change the lives of the kids,” Toni exclaims.

Hope for Kids is well on its way to equip 2 million kids who will share the Gospel with 20 million others. From what we see on the field, these numbers are conservative when considering that kids also reach family members and other adults.

Your support helps make this possible.


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